Louisiana Lineage
Tracing the roots of the Beauvais, Charrier, Guerin, Guillory, Nugent, Ortego, and Prestenback Families


My family line, originally Beauvais-St. Jemme, hails from France - our ancestor is Gabriel Beauvais-St. Jemme who married Marie Crosnier of St. Martin d'Inge. The couple moved to Montreal, Quebec, Canada and raised their family there in the early 1600s.

The Descendants of Gabriel Beauvais-St. Jemme

My family line descends from Louis Charrier of Poitu, France, and his son Louis Antoine Charrier of Donaldsonville, Louisiana. The first Louis and wife, Marie, moved to southern Louisiana in the late 1700s.

The Descendants of Louis Charrier

My family line descends from Francois Du Puy of Confolens, France, and his son Jacques Dupuis of St. Charles Parish, Louisiana.

The Descendants of Francois Du Puy

So far this line has only been traced back to Gerard Guerin of Pointe Coupee Parish in Louisiana, who was born sometime in the mid-1800s.

The Descendants of Gerard Guerin

My forefather was Francois Guillory of Montreal, Canada, born in the late 1600s. He moved to Mobile, Alabama and his grandson, Jean Baptiste Guillory, eventually settled in southern Louisiana. The Guillory line loops twice through my family.

The Descendants of Francois Guillory

I show that Pierre Juneau (b. either 1629 or 1632) is the son of Jean Juneau (b. 1599 d. 1672) and either Marie Billaud (b. 1605 d. 1654) or Anne Vuideau (b. 1641 d. 1703). Jean is the son of Clement Juneau (b. 1570 d. 1604) and Catherine Bergneau/Vergneau (b. 1575 or 1577 d. 1604) of Aunis, France. Until I can clear up the line pre-Pierre, I will start it at Pierre himself.

The Descendants of Pierre Juneau

Until I can get through my roadblock, I am only sure of my ancestors as far back as Michael Levi Nugent, born in 1852 in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana.

The Descendants of Matthew Nugent

- In progress -

The Descendants of ?

My family line descends from Urban Prestenbach, who traveled from Baden, Germany and settled in a German settlement in Vacherie, Louisiana.

The Descendants of Urban Prestenbach

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