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The Descendants of Louis Charrier

Louis Charrier was born in 1765 in Nion, Poitu, France. At some point he moved to Louisiana in the United States and on 1 Dec 1785, was married to Marie Haché in St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, Louisiana. Marie was born 13 Oct 1765 to Pierre Haché and Anna Dumond in St. Servan, Ille et Vilaine, France. Louis and Marie's death dates are unknown.

Children of Louis & Marie Charrier
Name Sex Born Died Age Spouse
Pierre M 11 Jun 1788 1860 72 Isabell Juneau
My Line Louis Antoine M 11 Mar 1791 Oct 1850 59 Celeste Guillory

Louis Antoine was born in Donaldsonville, Louisiana in Ascension Parish on 11 Mar 1791 and was baptised 25 May 1791 at the Catholic Church in Donaldsonville, Louisianad.

On 18 May 1820, he was married to Celeste Guillory in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana. Witnesses to the marriage were A. Plauche, Joseph Kimball, and Phillip Hooter.

Celeste, born Nov 1804 and baptised 2 Sep 1806 at St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church by Father Louis Buhot in Mansura, Louisiana, was the daughter of Joseph Guillory and Marie Tassin. Her godparents were George Guillot and Josephine Guillory.

The 1850 Census shows Celeste as the widow of Antoine Charrier. There were 11 children at home: Jean Louis, Edouard, Belizaire, Marie Louise, Julie, Roseline, Augustin, Cyprien, Pierre, Audilla, & Celeste. They were living between Celeste's brother Henri Guillory & his wife Aspasie and Celeste's son, Antoine Charrier & his wife, Merantia. Celeste's son, Julien was living on ther other side of Antoine, from the Avoyelles Parish, Roll 229, Book 1, Page 143b, dated October 11, 1850 by Louis Bordelon, Assistant Marshall.

Celeste died before 9 Nov 1865, and Louis died before Oct 1850.

Children of Louis & Celeste Charrier
Name Sex Born Died Age Spouse
Joseph Zelien M 20 Feb 1821     Marie Eulalie Guillot
My Line Julien M 1824 3 Jan 1867 43 Helite Ferret Firmin
Celeste Landerneau
Jean Louis M 1828 bef 1870   Julienne Ponthieu
Louis Antoine II M 1828     Merantia "Meranse" Lemoine
Edouard M 1833     Marie Recouly
Elizabeth Fouquier
Belizaire M 1833     Edvise Laborde
Marie Louise F 1834     Paul Guillot
Julia F 24 Dec 1836     Charles Firmin
Roseline F 28 Nov 1838 17 Apr 1920 82 Elphege Jeansonne
Augustin M 1 Nov 1840      
Cyprien M 7 Oct 1842      
Pierre Antoine M 1845     Marie Pauline Guillory
Audillia F 1847     Pierre C. Lemoine
Celeste Louis F 1848      

Our ancestor was Julien Charrier, who was born in 1824 in St. Landry Parish. At the age of 22, on 6 Jan 1846, he married Helite Ferret Firmin in Avoyelles Parish. The Bride's Book of Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana by Jeraldine DuFour LaCour tells us that Julien and Helite were married by Judge Louis Sizieme Mayeux; witnesses were M. Matthews, Appolinaire Joffrion, and Dr. G.E. Elmer. Helite was the daughter of Joseph George Ferret Firmin and Marie Josette Broussard. Helite was born in 1828 in Avoyelles Parish; her death is unrecorded. The 1850 Census show this couple with 2 children. They were living between Julien's brother, Antoine Charrier and Joseph & Azelia Roy, from the Avoyelles Parish, Roll 229, Book 1, Page 144a, dated October 12, 1850 by Louis Bordelon, Assistant Marshall.

In 1856, Julien married Celeste Landerneau in Opelousas, Louisiana in St. Landry Parish. Celeste was born 7 Feb 1820, the daughter of Joseph Landerneau and Celeste Guillory of St. Landry Parish. It is unknown when Julien or Celeste died. The 1860 Census shows this couple with 5 children at home. Margaret, Gerand & Ophelia were from Julien's first marriage, and Julia & Louis from this marriage. Also living with them was 18 year old Cyprien Charrier (Julien's brother). They were living between Marcel & Aureline Fontenot and Zenon O. H. & Osite Fontenot. Julia Charrier eventually married her neighbor, Germain Fontenot, from the St. Landry Parish, Roll 424, Book 1, Opelousas, Page 782, dated July 14, 1860 by Olivier D. G, Assistant Marshall.

Pierre Antoine, Julien's 20 years-younger brother, married Marie Pauline Guillory, sister to his nephew (only four years his junior)'s wife. Marie Pauline and Melina Guillory were sisters; Marie Pauline married Pierre Antoine and Melina married his nephew, Zenon Gerand Charrier.

Children of Julien & Helite Charrier
Name Sex Born Died Age Spouse
Marguerite F 22 Dec 1846 2 May 1912   Alcide Baron
My Line Zenon Gerand M 6 Dec 1849 18 Feb 1939   Melina Guillory
Ophelia F 1851     Aristide Jeansonne


Children of Julien & Celeste Charrier
Name Sex Born Died Age Spouse
Julia F 3 Feb 1858     Germain Z. Fontenot
Louis M Jan 1860      

Our line continues with Gerand, son of Julien and Helite. He was born 6 Dec 1849 in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana. St. Paul the Apostle Church Baptism Books by Mrs. Alberta Rousseau DeCoté, indicates that Gerand was baptised 23 Dec 1849 at St. Paul Catholic Church in Mansura, Louisiana by Father Marcella Pierre Mazzerechelli. Gerand's godparents were listed as Edward Charrier and Marguerite Plauché.

He married Melina Guillory, daughter of Belizaire Guillory and Joachine Juneau of Avoyelles Parish. Melina was born 17 Dec 1852, and died 27 Jan 1904. Gerand died 18 Feb 1939.

Children of Gerand & Melina Charrier
Name Sex Born Died Age Spouse
Elette F Dec 1874     Modelius Dupont
My Line Florida F 22 Feb 1877 23 Sep 1945   Levy Nugent
Eneis F 1881     Landry V. Bordelon
Alidia F 13 Sep 1887 3 Apr 1920   Oscar Louis Broussard

Florida, my great-great-great grandmother, married Levy Nugent. You may go here to read about my Nugent line.


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