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The Descendants of Simon Guillory

[Many thanks to the Guillory Family for some of the earlier Guillory history found on this page]

Our line begins with Simon Guillory, who was born in 1646. Simon was christened on 16 Feb 1646 at the church of St. Sauveur in Blois, department of Loi-et-Cher, France.

He was married to Louise Bouchard (also born in 1646), daughter of Laurent & Nicole Bouchard on 6 Nov 1667. Simon arrived at the city of Quebec on 25 May 1664 aboard the ship "LE NOIR", which had sailed from LaRochelle, France.

Louise's deathdate is unknown, but Simon died on 6 Dec 1696.

Children of Simon & Louise Guillory
Name Sex Born Died Age Spouse
My Line Francois M 18 Mar 1676     Marie Jeanne Montfort

Francois Guillory, a sailor, was born 18 Mar 1676 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. In 1711, he married Jeanne Montfort in Mobile, Alabama in the United States. Jeanne Monfort, parents unknown, was born in 1682 in Belle-Isle-En-Mer, Brittany, France.

Children of Francois & Jeanne Guillory
Name Sex Born Died Age Spouse
My Line Joseph Gregoire M 16 Dec 1712 28 Mar 1786 74 Marie Jeanne Lacasse

Joseph Pierre Gregoire was born 16 Dec 1712 in Dauphin Island, Mobile, Alabama. On 20 Aug 1739, he married Marie Jeanne Lacasse, daughter of Jean Lacasse and Marie Anne Fourche. Jeanne was the widow of Joseph Stameyer, who had died in 1738 (less than 10 months after their marriage had taken place); she was not quite fourteen at her second marriage to Joseph Gregoire. Jeanne was born 20 Mar 1726, and died at the age of 38 on 27 Apr 1764, after giving Joseph Gregoire eight children.

Joseph moved his family, including slaves, to Opelousas, Louisiana after Jeanne's death; he had recently received a land grant of some 640 acres there. Before the move, Joseph was having an affair with his slave, Marguerite; she was pregnant during the move to Louisiana. In the ensuing years, Marguerite gave Joseph Gregoire three additional children. Around 1770, Joseph began proceedings to free Marguerite and her children - yet paperwork that was drawn up turned out not to be legally binding.

Joseph Gregoire died in 1786 in Mobile, Alabama, and a lengthy, years-long battle ensued where Marguerite fought to free herself, and then her children, from slavery from Joseph Gregoire's legitimate children. This was known as "The Margarita Case" (Harrison LaTour has done some excellent research on the Guillory line...including a good deal of the info here. Thanks to him for his efforts). The case was not fully settled until 1783; Marguerite and her children had won their freedom.

Children of Joseph & Jeanne Guillory
Name Sex Born Died Age Spouse
My Line Jean Baptiste I M 1 Jul 1744 Nov 1813 69 Marguerite Hayes
Marie Louise F Jun 1748 May 1749 1 N/A
Claude M 5 Jul 1750 1785 35 Marie Jeanne Brignac
Jean I Louis M 22 Dec 1754     Marie Jeanne Fontenot
Joseph II Pierre Gregoire M 5 Nov 1752 1815 63 Marie Clara Fontenot
Marie Jeanne F        


Children of Joseph & Marguerite
Name Sex Born Died Age Spouse
Catherine (Catiche) F 1764      
Jean Baptiste I M 1766     Babe Guillory
Joseph (Jose) M 1769     Eloisa (Eloya) Louise (Cheval) Meuillon
Marie F 1770     Juan Mateos

Jean Baptiste was born 1 Jul 1744 in Mobile, Alabama. He moved to Opelousas, Louisiana in St. Landry Parish with his father and family, and on 12 Sep 1775, he married Marguerite Hayes, daughter of Nicholas Hayes and Marguerite Folse. Marguerite was born 6 Feb 1756 in Alsace, France. Jean Baptiste died in Nov of 1813 in Opelousas, Louisiana and Marguerite died 16 Jun 1821 in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana.

Children of Jean Baptiste & Marguerite Guillory
Name Sex Born Died Age Spouse
Joseph M 3 May 1777 3 Jun 1843 66 Marie Tassin
Auguste M 15 Apr 1779 11 Jul 1859 80 Marie L. Landreneau
Jean Baptiste II M 17 Sep 1786     Celeste (Cecelia) Guillot
Marie Josephe F 20 Dec 1789 8 Dec 1828 38 Maximillien S. Broussard
Josephine F 5 Jul 1791 15 Aug 1886 95 Charles Jeansonne
My Line Cyprien M 7 Sep 1793 12 Sep 1850 57 Emelie Roy
Henri M 7 Sep 1795 9 Oct 1853 58  
Marguerite F 7 Jun 1796 22 Sep 1861 65 Celestin Guillot
Celeste F 9 Feb 1800 22 Dec 1843 43  

Cyprien Auguste was born 7 Sep 1793 in Opelousas, Louisiana. He married Emelie Roy, daughter of Joseph Roy and Marie Anne Bordelon, on 1 Aug 1815 in Avoyelles Parish.

Emelie was baptised 24 Feb 1801, on her first birthday, at St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Mansura, Louisiana, where it is said she is now buried. She first married Jean Baptiste Guillory III, son of Jean Baptiste and Celeste Guillot, who was born 1 Sep 1816; they had no children. She then, later, married his nephew, Cyprien Guillory.

Cyprien died 12 Sep 1850 in Mansura, Louisiana in Avoyelles Parish. Emelie followed a year later on 7 Jun 1851.

Children of Cyprien & Emelie Guillory
Name Sex Born Died Age Spouse
Cyprien M 15 Aug 1815 16 May 1908 92 Susanne Labatterie
Louisa Francois
Carmelite F 22 Feb 1818      
My Line Valery M 21 Sep 1819 19 Jan 1858 39 Marie Josephine Dupuis
Amelie F 1821 1915 94  
Marie F 22 Mar 1823      
My Line Belizaire M 26 Jan 1827 3 Jan 1867 40 Joachine Juneau
Josephine F 1830 17 May 1851 21  
Alexandre M 8 Dec 1833 18 Jan 1832 2 mos N/A
Joseph M abt 1832      
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