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The Descendants of Gabriel Beauvais dit St. Gemme

Gabriel Beauvais dit St. Gemme is where I have been able to trace the line. He was born in 1599 in St. Martin d'Ige, France and was married to Marie Crevier/Crosnier, who was born about 1605. I have found records that indicate their death date was 7 Jan 1654, their son's wedding date in Canada, but have yet to confirm this.

Jacques Beauvais dit St. Gemme is of our line and the only child on record; he is from small village of St. Martin d'Ige in the Perche (Anjou) region of France. Jacques was christened 22 Nov 1623. On 7 Jan 1654 he married Jeanne Soldé in Montreal.

This was found about Jeanne's passage from France to Canada in 1653 as part of the La Grande Recue:

The Few Women Recruits

A few women also boarded the Saint-Nicolas-de-Nantes and sailed to New France. As you may recall, the massive arrival of the King's Wards only started in 1663. In 1653, the major concern was to bring men over to defend New France. R.-J. Auger (see the previous episode) recorded the names of fifteen female passengers. Recent research conducted by the Société de généalogie canadienne-française indicates that there were actually fourteen women. Let us start with the names and the cities or villages they came from:

1. ARTUS, Michelle - Noyen-sur-Sarthe (Sarthe / Pays de la Loire)
2. BOURGEOYS, Marguerite - Troyes (Aube / Champagne-Ardenne)
3. DUMESNIL, Marie - La Flèche (Sarthe / Pays de la Loire)
4. HURAULT, Catherine - La Flèche (Sarthe / Pays de la Loire)
5. LORGUEIL, Marie - Cognac (Charente / Région Poitou-Charentes)
6. LORION, Catherine - Saint-Soulle (Charente-Maritime / Poitou-Charentes)
7. MERRIN (ou MAIRÉ), Jeanne - Poitiers (Vienne / Poitou-Charentes)
8. MEUNIER (ou MOUNIER), Perrine - Nantes (Loire-Atlantique / Pays de la Loire)
9. PINSON, Marie-Marthe - La Flèche (Sarthe - Pays de la Loire)
10. RENAUD, Marie - Orléans (Loiret - Région Centre)
11. RENAUDIN, Marie - Nantes (Loire-Atlantique / Pays de la Loire)
12. ROUSSELIER, Jeanne - Moëze (Charente-Maritime / Poitou-Charentes)
13. SOLDÉ, Jeanne - La Flèche (Sarthe / Pays de la Loire)
14. VOIDY (ou VEDY ou VEDIÉ), Jeanne - Saint-Germain-du-Val (Sarthe / Pays de la Loire)

Here is some additional information about these women. Perrine Meunier came over with her husband, Julien Daubigeon. It should be noted that she was pregnant during the crossing and gave birth to a daughter ten days after arriving! Two young girls married in Quebec City. They were Michelle Artus, who married Jean Descaries dit Le Houx, on November 5, 1654, and Marie Renaudin, who joined in matrimony with Nicolas Levieux, on September 9, 1654. Although both women eventually returned to France in 1670, it is interesting to note that one of their daughters became a nursing nun and died at the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec. Marie Dumesnil, a 12-year-old orphan was assigned to Marguerite Bourgeoys, who assumed responsibility for her until she married André Charly dit Saint-Ange (November 9, 1654).

Four of the new arrivals married recruits: Catherine Hurault married Jean Lemercher (October 13, 1654), Marie Lorgueil married Toussaint Hunault dit Deschamps (November 23, 1654), Marie Renaud married Mathurin Langevin dit Lacroix (September 5, 1654) and Jeanne Rousselier married Pierre Gaudin dit Chastillon (October 13, 1654). Five others married men from Montreal: Catherine Lorion married Pierre Vilain (October 13, 1654), Jeanne Merrin married Éloi Jarry dit Lahaye (September 11, 1654), Marie-Marthe Pinson married Jean Milot (January 7, 1654), Jeanne Soldé married Jean Beauvais (January 7, 1654) and Jeanne Voidy married Jean Dumay (November 9, 1654). Finally, one of the women was later called the Mother of the Colony – and for good cause. This was, of course, Marguerite Bourgeoys, the first educator and 'social worker' of Ville-Marie, who needs no introduction.

Some of the recruits, in addition to Marguerite Bourgeoys, led very extraordinary lives...

from Maison Saint-Gabriel

Jacques died and was buried, in Montreal, 20 Mar 1691. Jeanne was born in 1632 in LaFleche, Angers, Anjou, France, and died 12 Nov 1697 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Eight children were born to Jacques and Jeanne:

Children of Jacques & Jeanne Beauvais-St. Jemme
Name Sex Born Died Age Spouse
Raphael M 15 Oct 1654 21 Oct 1734 80 Elizabeth Turpin
Barbe F 28 Aug 1656 25 Jan 1746 90 Francois Brunet
Marie sMarguerite F 30 Aug 1658 28 Jun 1715 57 Jacques Tetu
Jean M 26 Sep 1660 7 Jul 1704 44 Madeleine Lemoine
Jacques M 13 Dec 1664 14 Aug 1671 7 N/A
Marie Charlotte F 26 Jun 1667 25 Dec 1700 33 Alexandre Turpin
Etienne F 21 Sep 1669 14 Sep 1753 84 Jean Baptiste Pothier
Marie Jeanne F 8 Jan 1673 6 Feb 1703 30 Guillaume Boucher

Our ancestor was Raphael, who married Elizabeth Turpin in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on 24 May 1683. Elizabeth was the daughter of Alexandre Turpin and Catherine Delor, and was born 23 Oct 1667. Raphael died 21 Oct 1734 and Elizabeth died 3 Jan 1747. Raphael and Elizabeth had nine children:

Children of Raphael & Elizabeth Beauvais-St. Jemme
Name Sex Born Died Age Spouse
Marie Anne F 2 Apr 1684 22 May 1755 71 Antoine Tesserot
Marie Elisabeth F 14 Aug 1687 18 Dec 1764 77 Louis Hurtubise
Jeanne F 21 Jan 1691 27 Sep 1760 69 Laurent Surprenant
Marie Louise F 2 Sep 1695     Pierre Hurtubise
Jean Baptiste M 11 May 1698 15 Apr 1775 77 Marie Louise LaCroix
Charles M 21 Jan 1700 7 Dec 1718 18 N/A
Joseph M 8 Nov 1703     Jeanne Demers
Marguerite Lemieux
Raphael M 25 Apr 1705     Marie Alarie
Marie Francoise Sauvage
Marie Catherine F 13 Sep 1707 18 Aug 1708 1 N/A
Rene Augustin M 28 Aug 1710      

Our direct ancestor was Jean Baptiste Beauvais-St. Jemme - born 11 May 1698. In 1725, he moved to the state of Illinois in the United States and married Marie Louise LaCroix at Fort St. Charles; Marie Louise was born in 1704, the daughter of Francois LaCroix and Barbe Montmeunier. On 15 Apr 1775, Jean Baptiste died at Old Town, Kaskaskia, Illinois. Marie died 7 Apr 1790 in Kaskaskia, Illinois.

Children of Jean Baptiste & Marie Louise Beauvais-St. Jemme
Name Sex Born Died Age Spouse
Marie Jeanne F abt 1733 10 Jun 1775 44 René Dupuis
Raphael M 19 Mar 1732 1781 49 Marie Jeanne Fauche
Charles M abt 1734 30 Nov 1830 96 Marie Francoise Riche
Antoine M 1736 12 Jul 1794 58 Marie Francoise Guielle
Marie Anne Viger
Celeste LeTellier
Caroline Charlotte Levasseur
Joseph Vital M abt 1738 9 Nov 1816 78 Mone Felicite Janis
Jean Baptiste M 21 Mar 1746 9 Jul 1833 87 Marie Anne Lanctot
Marie Therese LaSourdraye
Genevieve Pankerne
Marie Louise Calliott
Marie Louise F abt 1748 1817 69 Paul Trotier Desruisseaux

Our line continues with Antoine Beauvais, who lived in Kaskaskia, Illinois. Antoine married four times: to Marie Francoise Gueille, to Marie Anne Viger, to Celeste LeTellier, and to Caroline Charlotte Levasseur. Our ancestor was born to Caroline, possibly named Therese, whom Antoine married on 20 Nov 1780; the child was named after his grandfather - Jean Baptiste. Antoine died in Arkansas at "Arkansas Post" on 12 Jul 1794. Caroline died in March of 1799 at "Arkansas Post", Arkansas. Antoine and Caroline had four sons:

Children of Antoine & Caroline Beauvais
Name Sex Born Died Age Spouse
Amand Jerome M 7 Oct 1784 1823 39 Augstine Cardon
Jean Louis M 23 Jan 1786      
Jean Baptiste M 5 Dec 1787 1838 51 Eulalie Bourgeat
Michael M 29 Sep 1791      

Jean Baptiste Beauvais was christened 5 Dec 1787 at St. Genevieve, Kaskaskia. He apparently moved to Louisiana, and was married to a local woman, Eulalie Bourgeat, in Pointe Coupee Parish on 8 Aug 1814. This was found in some old family papers:

Jean Baptiste's succession was filed Feb. 10, 1835 in New Roads.

What this "succession" was remains in question. Jean Baptiste's death date states only that he died in 1838, but he is buried in St. Louis #2 Cemetery in New Orleans, Louisiana. He and Eulalie had seven children. Eulalie remarried after his death to an Adolpho LeClerc. She died 4 Oct 1853 and is buried in Pointe Coupee Parish.

Children of Jean Baptiste & Eulalie Beauvais
Name Sex Born Died Age Spouse
Narcisse M 14 Sep 1815 1 Sep 1890 75 Marie Felonise Bertrand
Eugene M abt 1820      
Eugenie F abt 1820      
Antoine Oscar M 1827 March 1885 58 Emelise Mercier
Jean Baptiste M 1830 1901 71 Celeste Benoit
Marie Richard
Rosina Carmouche

Antoine Oscar Beauvais, known as Oscar, was born to Jean Baptiste and Eulalie in Morganza, Louisiana in Pointe Coupee Parish in 1827. On 28 Apr 1850, he married Emelise Mercier, who was born in 1833. Emelise died 1 Dec 1854 and Oscar died in March of 1885. They are both buried in Pointe Coupee Parish. There were eight children born of this union:

Children of Oscar e & Emelise Beauvais
Name Photos Sex Born Died Age Spouse Photos
Aristide   M 13 Sep 1851        
Mathilde   F 9 Oct 1853        
Eugenie Regina F 30 Apr 1858 11 Sep 1938 80 Edmond H. Goudeau  
Oscar Ernest M 6 Nov 1860 5 June 1935 75 Alice Ortego
Joseph   M 10 Jan 1863        
Ida Alice   F 17 Oct 1865        
Valintine F 12 Mar 1870 9 April 1958 88 Louis Lossoir
Anita   F 2 Feb 1873        

Oscar Ernest Beauvais, known as Ernest, married Alice Ortego. Alice was first married to Ogé Deauville, whom she had three children with. Ernest and Alice had six children. Ernest died on 5 June 1935 at home near Evergreen, Louisiana. Alice died 13 Nov 1959 in Morganza, Louisiana at the age of 79. View Alice's obituary or view Ernest's obituary.

Children of Ogé & Alice Deaville
Name Photos Sex Born Died Age Spouse Photos
Telemaque M 21 Jul 1903 25 Oct 1992 89 Virgina Bordelon
Victoria F 11 Nov 1905 17 Jun 1992 87 James Doherty
Aimee   F       C.S. Fontenot  


Children of Ernest & Alice Beauvais
Name Photos Sex Born Died Age Spouse Photos
Horace Joseph M 1 Sep 1908 24 Apr 1989 81 Melina Nugent
Salonie F 8 Jan 1911 24 Aug 1992 81 Denie Willis Armand
Mildred F 8 Feb 1913 27 Oct 1984 71 Joseph Genova
Ernest Oscar   M 17 Jan 1915 Sep 1991 76 Doris ?  
Hazel F 19 Oct 1917 3 Sep 1993 76 Alton Smith
Lillian F 23 Jan 1919 13 Sep 1989 70 Matthew "Buddy" Fletcher

* Photos of Mildred, Lillian, & Buddy were taken by Kate Matthews in Peewee Valley, Kentucky; the links take you off-site to the Kate Matthews Collection.

Horace Joseph, born 1 Sep 1908, married Melina Nugent, daughter of Levy Nugent and Florida Charrier, in Bayou Jack, Louisiana in Avoyelles Parish. They had one daughter, Dorothy Marie, born 7 Jul 1932. Around 1944, they moved to Maringouin, Louisiana in Iberville Parish and opened a country store.

Working at the store was my grandfather, Riley Claude Prestenback, son of Nelson Prestenback and Florence Mae Guerin. Dorothy and Riley were married in Maringouin, Louisiana on 25 Jun 1950. This union produced two children: Robert Keith Prestenback and Pamela Ann Prestenback, my mother. Horace died on 24 April 1989; Melina on 22 Jan 1999. Their daughter, Dorothy, died 7 Sep 1998. All three are buried at Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Cemetery in Maringouin, Louisiana.

Robert "Keith" married Mary Frances Chustz, daughter of Wade and Frances Chustz; they divorced after six months. He then married Lynne Graffia, daughter of Joe Graffia and Dora Graffia. They had one son, Robert "Robby" Keith Prestenback. Keith and Lynne divorced, and Keith married Lydia Townley; they have no children together.

Pamela Ann Prestenback, born 21 Sep 1957, married John Ford Bourke on 18 Mar 1977. They divorced in 2008. This union produced three children: myself, Shanna Denise, my sister, Amber Alayne, and my brother, Johnnie Ford. Neither my sister or I are married or have any children, at present.

In May 2006, my brother and his girlfriend, Amanda Wilson of Idaho, had a daughter, Ava Grace Bourke.

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