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The Descendants of Gerard Guerin

The Guerins do come from France with a Francois Guerin and his wife, Anne Blanchard, in the 1600s. I have not yet been able to trace this back down to my line, however.

So far, I have only been able to trace my line back to Gerard Guerin - born about 1818. He married Julie Aguillard in Pointe Coupee Parish on 6 Feb 1849 and the couple lived in Waterloo in Pointe Coupee Parish, according to the 1860 Census.

The 1860 Census shoes Gerand at 42 years of age and Julie at 21 (being born abt 1839). I have found numerous matching marriage records, so I'm positive of their marriage date - though, if this census is correct - Julie was only 10 when they were wed.

Children of Gerard & Julie Guerin
Name Sex Born Died Age Spouse
Cornelia F abt 1850     Louis Arcade Picard
Ulphar M abt 1852     Louisa ?
Virginie F abt 1854     Henry Champagne
Adolphe Oliver M 1856 3 Oct 1937 81 Lelia Lebeau
Douglas M 1859 2 Apr 1947 88 Bizael or Mizael Monceret

In 1875, Oliver Guerin married Lelia Lebeau, daughter of . Leila was born in May 1855 and died sometime around 1911 after breaking her hip in a fall. Oliver and Lelia had eight children.

Children of Oliver & Lelia Guerin
Name Sex Born Died Age Spouse
Marie Olivia F 1874      
Joseph Leon M 1877     Marietta ?
Marie Elodie F 1880      
Marie Julie F 1881 1942 61 Edward D. Vallet
Joseph Sergeat M 1884      
Marie Lelia F 1886 1924 38 Edvar Louis Vallet
Marie Eliska F 1888     Numa Sicard
Joseph Oliver M 1890      
Elmire F 1894     Charles Badeau
Florence Mae F 22 May 1898 7 Dec 1966 68 Nelson Prestenback

Julia and Lelia married brothers, Edward and Evda Vallet, on the same day. Edward and Edvar were the sons of Louis Vallet and Marie Athalie Pourciau.

Florence Mae was my great grandmother. She married Nelson Prestenback - you can view my Prestenback line.

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