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The Descendants of Francois Du Puy

Francois Du Puy was born in 1527 in St. Sixte, Turgon, Confolens, France. In 1571, he was married to Jeanne Pelissier.

Children of Francois & Jeanne Du Puy
Name Sex Born Died Age Spouse
Jacques M       Marie Bienvenue

The line is unknown here, but continues on with Jacques and Marie's son, Francois.

Children of Jacques & Marie Dupuis
Name Sex Born Died Age Spouse
Francois M 28 May 1729 7 Oct 1788 59 Perinne Champagne

Francois was born in Saintonge, France and married Perinne Champagne in 1762. Perinne was the daughter of Jean Baptiste Champagne and Marie Madeline Chauf of St. Charles Parish, Louisiana. She was born in 1745 in Cote Dallamands, Jackson, Louisiana and died 27 Dec 1778 in the same area; she was only 33 years of age. Francois died many years later, also in Cote Dallamands in St. Charles Parish, on 7 Oct 1788.

Children of Francois & Perinne Dupuis
Name Sex Born Died Age Spouse
Pierre M 1763 20 Nov 1848 85 Unknown

Pierre was born on the "German Coast" in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana. His wife is unknown. He died at the age of 85 in Marksville, Louisiana in Avoyelles Parish on 20 Nov 1848,.

Children of Pierre & ? Dupuis
Name Sex Born Died Age Spouse
Alexis M 1795 abt 1838 43 Elizabeth Scallan

Alexis was born in 1795 in Avoyelles Parish in Louisiana. On 20 Aug 1814, he married Elizabeth Scallan, daughter of Nicholas Escalien Scallan and Marie Josephe Oubre. Alexis died in 1838 at the age of 43; it is unknown when Elizabeth died.

Children of Alexis & Elizabeth
Name Sex Born Died Age Spouse
Marie Josphine Dupuis F 30 Oct 1823 6 Sep 1900 76 Valery Guillory

Josephine married into the Guillory family - my Guillory line can be found here.

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