Louisiana Lineage
Tracing the roots of the Beauvais, Charrier, Guerin, Guillory, Nugent, Ortego, and Prestenback Families



About Me
My name is Shanna Bourke, and I was born 6 Nov 1977 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. What you see here on this page are my attempts to trace back some of my maternal roots...mainly in the Beauvais, Nugent, and Prestenback families.

If you would like to contact me, you can do so at shanna.bourke AT gmail [dot] com.

About My Family
I am the daughter of John Ford and Pamela Ann (neé Prestenback) Bourke. I have two younger siblings, Amber Alayne and Johnnie Ford.

My mother's parents are the late Riley Claude and Dorothy Marie (neé Beauvais) Prestenback. My father's parents are the late Charles and Ouida (neé Seal) Bourke.

My maternal grandmother's parents were Horace and Melina (neé Nugent) Beauvais. My maternal grandfather's parents were Nelson and Florence May (neé Guerin) Prestenback.

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My Family Members
These are family members that I was privileged to know and love that are no longer with us.

Horace Joseph Beauvais (My great-grandfather, Big Pa-Pa)
Melina Nugent Beauvais (My great-grandmother, Meeny-Mo)
Dorothy Marie Beauvais Prestenback (My grandmother, Mo-Mo Dot)


My Family Surnames
These are the main surnames of my maternal line that I am researching; I am interested in the women - matriarchs - of my line, which is why the concentration on these names:

  • Beauvais: My grandmother's maiden name (Dorothy Beauvais)

  • Charrier: My great-great grandmother's maiden name (Florida Charrier)

  • DUPUIS: My gggg-grandmother's maiden name (Josephine Dupuis)

  • GUERIN: My great-great grandmother's name (Florence Mae Guerin)

  • Guillory: My great-great-great grandmother's maiden name (Melina Guillory)
    also My great-great-great grandmother's maiden name (Rosaline Guillory)

  • JUNEAU: My gggg-grandmother's maiden name (Joachine Juneau)

  • Lebeau: My ggg-grandmother's maiden name (Lelia Lebeau)

  • Nugent: My great-grandmother's maiden name (Melina Nugent)

  • Ortego: My great-great-grandmother's maiden name (Alice Ortego)

  • Prestenback: My mother's maiden name (Pamela Prestenback)

All were born and lived in Louisiana.

Other Surnames
This is a listing of the other surnames that I have researched and found connected to my family:

Aguillard, Ardoin, Bergeron, Bourgeat, Bourke, Brette, Constant, Droddy, Dupuis, Firmin, Hotard, Juneau, LaCroix, Langlois, Landerneau, Levasseur, MacBray, Matthews, Mercier, Moreau, Pourciau, Prestenbach, Roy, Scallan, Soldé, St. Cyr, St. Gemme/St. Jemme, Tassin, Turpin

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