Louisiana Lineage
Tracing the roots of the Beauvais, Charrier, Guerin, Guillory, Nugent, Ortego, and Prestenback Families


These are the interim dead ends, evanescent roadblocks, and temporary brick walls that I've come across in my genealogical research. If you offer any insight into any of these, please contact me skatoolaki AT gmail.

Alice Ortego
I am - unsuccesfully - searching for information on my great-great grandmother, Alice Ortego Beauvais.

I am unsure when she was born, but she died at the age of 79 on 13 Nov 1959 in Morganza, Louisiana. Her obit, which I have, says only that she was a "native of Evangeline Parish". The only other info I have of her life is that her obit lists a surviving brother as "Rosemo Ortego" in Cottonport, Louisiana.

I have found her and my great-great grandfather, Ernest, in the 1910 Census, listed as "Beamish" (instead of Beauvais).

She first married a Deaville (first name unknown), and I know that she had my Uncle Tilly (Telemark or Telemarque) and Aunt Victoria (the 1910 Census lists another Deaville child; my mother says there was a third child that did not live to adulthood (it is near impossible to read the name from the 1910 census).

The Deaville died and she married Oscar Ernest Beauvais (known as Ernest), my great-great grandfather. They had six children: Mildred, Salonie, Hazel, Horace, Ernest, and Lillian. Horace was my great-grandfather (m. Melina Nugent).

I have been unable to find who Alice's parents and/or siblings were.

Michael Nugent
My ancestor is Michael Levi Nugent (b.1852 d.1876) and married to Rosalie Guillory of Louisiana.

Michael Levi's parents were Michael Nugent (b.1806 d.1865) and Mary Jane Droddy.

Finding Michael Nugent's parents has been quite a headache! I found two different sources that say two different things.

One is that Michael Nugent is actually "Matthew Michael" and is the son of Matthew & Zylpha Nugent.

However, other records I have found indicate that Matthew & Zylpha had a son named Matthew William, who married Julia Ann Mackie - not a Matthew Michael married to Mary Jane Droddy. Matthew William was born in 1802 and died 1879.

The other is that Michael Nugent is the son of Thomas Edmond Nugent, wife unknown. Thomas Edmond, "Edmond", (b.1750 d.1815) is the son of Matthew Nugent & Isabel MacBray of North Carolina.

I am absolutely stumped as to who the true parents of Michael Nugent, m. to Mary Jane Droddy, are. The info I have been able to dig up is conflicting.

Florence Mae Guerin
I have been unsuccessful at finding the mother of my great-grandmother, Florence Mae Guerin Prestenback (b.1898 d.1966).

Florence Mae's father is Oliver Guerin (b.1855 d.1937), son of Gerard Guerin and Julie Aguillard. Who is wife is remains a mystery. My grandfather, Florence Mae's son, does not know her name. All I know about her is that she died from complications resulting from a broken hip; an injury she sustained after slipping on a corn cob on the family's porch. Florence Mae was "around 13" at the time.

Oliver and our Mystery Woman had 3 sons and 5 daughters (Aliska, Florence Mae, Elme, Julia and Unknown). Julia and Unknown married two brothers, Edward and Edva Vallet. In 1927, the sister, Unknown, who was married to Edva, died young in childbirth; the child, a boy, lived. Elme married Charlie Badeaux and had one son, Charlie (aka 'Lil Charlie). Aliska married a man with the surname of Sicard.

A 1910 Census shows Oliver Gulvin (Guerin), aged 49, living in Nairn, Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana. His wife is "Sarga", aged 27. Their children are Oliver Jr. (aged 18), Elmire (aged 16) and Florence M (aged 12). Is "Sarga" correct?

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